How to Maintain Your Beard During No-Shave November

Thinking of participating in “No-Shave November”? Ready to put on a beanie, flannel shirt, and let your beard go crazy? Before you let things get too wild, remember that a good beard is a well-groomed beard. The team at The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Cedar Falls wants you to know that just because it’s November does not mean you need to let your facial hair get scraggly and out of hand! Keep things clean and dapper this November and follow these grooming tips!

Wash Your Beard Regularly

Just like the hair on top of your head, your beard needs to be washed regularly. Our bodies produce natural oils which can cause greasy feeling hair. Washing your beard prevents this natural oil from building up and making the hair feel dirty. However, make sure you’re not overwashing your beard. Frequent washing will strip away those natural oils and leave you with a dry beard. You might assume you can use hair shampoo on a beard, but that’s not the case. Facial hair is different than the hair on your head because it comes into contact with food, drink, and others elements. Using a high-quality beard wash will keep the hair feeling and looking great.

Invest in Beard Oil

Once you’ve washed your beard, restore some of that moisture with beard oil. A good beard oil serves as a leave-in conditioner and balances the natural oils in your beard and on your skin. Your bard oil should be applied once a day after you get out of the shower, since the hair best absorbs oil when it is wet. Beard oils are usually made of natural, essential oils like tea tree, grape seed, argan, and jojoba. Using beard oil not only conditions and moisturizes, it can also prevent viral, bacterial, and fungal infections.

Beard oil on a wooden table.

Get a Trim

You get your hair trimmed to keep things looking neat and clean, right? You should do the same for your beard. Regular trims can remove split ends and help your beard grow fuller and thicker. Without trimming, a beard will start to look like a scraggly mess. Getting a trim doesn’t mean taking length off your beard, it’s simply a way to keep things groomed and tidy. At TSPA Cedar Falls, we’re offering a special on beard trimming throughout November so you can keep things looking sleek and tamed.

Man with a beard getting a trim.

Buy a Beard Brush and Comb

Another important part of beard grooming is using a beard brush and comb. Beard combs work great for detangling and smoothing hair when it is wet, while beard brushes are best for dry hair. A beard brush is usually made of animal hair like boar or horse, since these materials are known for reducing frizz and tangles and evenly distributing oils throughout hair. Combs are often made of smooth, natural materials like sandalwood, a durable material that helps prevent static.

Bearded man in suspenders combs his facial hair.

Keep Your Face Moisturized

If the skin on your face is too dry or too oily, it’s going to affect your beard. When extra oil is produced it can make your beard feel greasy. If your skin is too dry underneath a beard it can start to feel irritable and itchy. Using a daily facial moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated, balanced, and smooth. This makes it easier to grow and take care of a beard. Moisturizer is also extremely important after shaving in order to prevent razor burn, irritation, and dry skin.

Make a Beard Grooming Appointment With Us

At TSPA Cedar Falls the only thing we love more than a good beard is keeping that beard well-groomed and beautiful. Come see us and give your beard a little extra love! We’re offering a free beard trim with every haircut throughout the entire month of November. Schedule your appointment today.

Become a Beard Grooming Aficionado

Interested in learning the ins and outs of beard grooming? Our barber styling program can teach you the latest techniques in beard grooming, hair cutting, hair coloring, and more. Contact TSPA Cedar Falls today to learn more about enrollment.

{Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. For more information about our graduation rates, the median loan debt of students who completed the program and other information visit}

{All services performed by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.}

Barber Styling: How It’s Different Than Cosmetology

At The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Cedar Falls, we offer a program called barber styling. This program is designed to teach students the skills and techniques taught in cosmetology school with a few twists. You may not know what the difference between cosmetology and barber styling is, but in reality, these two programs are actually much more similar than you might expect!

What Can I Learn in a Barber Styling Program?

In our innovative barber styling program at TSPA Cedar Falls, students are taught theory and foundation classes like:

  • The History of Beauty
  • Sanitation and Safety
  • Law, Ethics, and Service
  • Anatomy and Chemistry
  • The Science of Hair Structure

As with a cosmetology program, in a barber styling program you can also learn to master practical skills in addition to receiving a foundational knowledge of beauty. These skills include:

  • Haircutting
  • Hair coloring
  • Hair texture services
  • Nail care
  • Makeup application
  • Guest services
  • Marketing skills and growing a personal brand
  • Business management skills
  • Product knowledge
  • Beard trimming and shaving techniques

What Can I Learn in a Cosmetology Program?

We don’t offer cosmetology at TSPA Cedar Falls but a typical cosmetology program will usually cover the following concepts:

  • Hair cutting
  • Hair coloring
  • Hair texture services
  • Nail care
  • Pedicuring
  • Makeup application
  • Guest services
  • Marketing skills and growing a personal brand
  • Business management skills
  • Product knowledge

Master Specific Skills

You probably noticed that we don’t offer pedicuring like cosmetology programs usually do. However, we do provide education in men’s shaving techniques. Many men still love receiving a good old-fashioned straight razor shave. With a barber styling education, you can learn how to become a master of this specialized skill. It’s a great skill to add to your service menu and your male clients will thank you for the extra-close shave!

Find Your Future in Barber Styling

Now that you’ve learned the ins and outs of barber styling, get more information about our program! Call TSPA Cedar Falls today to speak with an admissions representative. We’d love to answer any of your questions and help you set up a tour. Let us help you on the way to a career in the exciting world of beauty!