The TSPA Experience – Life as a Student Event


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be Barber Styling student? Are you wondering how to channel your creativity? Would you like to learn how to be successful in the beauty industry? Find answers to your questions at The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA) Cedar Fall’s “TSPA Experience” event!

During this event you will get to:

  • See life through the eyes of a TSPA Student
  • Get hands-on experience in the classroom, watch demonstrations, and meet the Educators
  • Learn directly from your peers why they chose The Salon Professional Academy for their education
  • Complimentary lunch is provided. Take home a swagbag!

Mark your calendar for July 27th, 2018 from 10am – 1pm.

To RSVP – Fill out the “Tell Me More” form HERE and in the comment box write: TSPA EXPERIENCE.

Deadline to RSVP is July 25th!

What Does Your High School Schedule Say About Your Future? Take Our Quiz!

Graduation is almost here! Are you still deciding what is best for your future? Did you know that your high school schedule can indicate what path you should take? Let us use your high school class schedule to read your future!

Feeling excited about what is to come this year? We are, too! Contact The Salon Professional Academy, Cedar Falls to learn more about our barber styling program, and get ready to make this your year!

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“Five Great Jobs in Beauty That Could Be Yours”
“Explore the Art of Barber Styling at TSPA Cedar Falls”

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Five Great Jobs in Beauty That Could Be Yours!

Is a future in the beauty industry calling your name? What are you waiting for?

There are many reasons that people shy away from pursuing their dreams, one of those is the unknown of what comes after you have completed your education. To some, it may seem that a career in beauty only has one possibility, that of working in a salon.

That couldn’t be further from the truth!

With the Barber Styling program we offer at The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Cedar Falls we help train our students in a wide range of beauty skills and techniques, giving them a knowledge in beauty that can help open the door to the career that is the perfect fit for them. More than men’s hair care and styling, your future extends nearly as far as you can dream.

Fall in love with your future potential with these five great possibilities.

    1. Stylist to the Stars

      Personal Stylist

      Do you love putting together the perfect look? Do you find yourself seeing how people are dressed, how their hair and makeup are done and developing a new look? If you do, a career as a personal stylist could be for you. With clients from local and national celebrities, to business men and women wanting to look their best, you can make your fashion and beauty skills shine in this enjoyable career.

    2. Send Your Style Down The Catwalk

      Styles walking down a catwalk

      Becoming a brand representative is a career that is often not thought of by aspiring beauty professionals, but it is one that could become a career full of education, passion and creativity. Working for brands such as Redken, brand representatives travel to beauty schools, salons, and even fashion shows to help educate and demonstrate the products of the brands they represent. If you dream of helping others reach their dreams and sharing your knowledge, this is definitely an option you should be considering.

    3. Make Special Occasions Shine

      Traveling stylists creating a bridal look

      Prom. Weddings. That family picture that took four years to get everyone in the same place. There are dozens of reasons that everyday people need a traveling stylist to help them get their hair and makeup just right. From the blowout they have been dreaming of, to the perfect beard trim for the big day, helping people look their best is the name of the job.

      If you like the idea of helping people look great, but don’t want to be tied down to just one client, consider offering your services for special occasions and spreading your creative talent far and wide.

    4. Lights. Camera. Style.

      Stylist working on film set

      If you aspire for more than just your everyday looks, a future behind the scenes might be just the ticket to help your creative prowess shine. Print work, stage productions, local media, and more are looking for skilled hair and makeup artists to create the looks that makes their productions look their very best!

    5. More Than a Day Job.

      Happy woman owning a salon

      While most people assume that working in a salon is all you can do with an education in beauty, it is often the dream of many aspiring beauty professionals! Not only could it provide them a career with flexibility and the ability to support your family, but many creative souls go even further and pursue their dreams of opening their own business!

      With an education in barber styling offered at TSPA Cedar Falls, a future as a salon owner could be your perfect fit!

A career in beauty is waiting for you!

Are you ready to answer the call? Take a chance and carve out your own future! If any of these careers are speaking to you, now is the time to take a leap.

Discover how our Barber Stylist program can help you build a career based on professionalism, fused with beauty and powered by creativity. Contact us today for more information.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median loan debt of students who completed the program and other information visit

Explore the Art of Barber Styling at TSPA Cedar Falls

In Iowa we are lucky enough to have a beauty license that has some unique focuses that you might not expect. While nearly identical to the Cosmetology Program, the Barber Styling Program offered at The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Cedar Falls includes many of the skills and techniques of a traditional cosmetologist and electrifies them with an education that will leave all your clients fresh-face, pampered, and glowing with beauty inside and out.

Let’s break down what this program includes and discover how you can go beyond a traditional education in beauty and build a successful future in hair design at TSPA Cedar Falls.

What is Barbering Styling?

Welcome to Hair Design Electrified.

Woman cutting a mans hair

This innovative program offered at TSPA Cedar Falls takes many of the usual techniques and skills that are mastered by cosmetologists and energizes them with a specialty focus that could give students a competitive edge that many employers are looking for.

From hair coloring, styling and cutting to makeup, spa treatments, and even straight razor shaving, you can develop your talent and your love of beauty at TSPA Cedar Falls.

If helping people feel good inside and out is a passion of yours, than an education in beauty could be the investment in your future you are looking for.

Quick facts!

  • Our full-time Barber Styling Program starts every 5 weeks but fills fast! Don’t wait to reserve your spot!
  • The average time to complete the course is 62 weeks.
  • The state of Iowa requires 2100 towards licensure.

Become a Master

trendy woman cutting another woman hair

The first 380 hours of your education covers many foundational and theory classes that are developed to help you practice your skills in an environment that will not only keep you and your guests safe, but prepare you to help your clients to look their very best.

The Theory and Foundation Classes in Our Program Include:

  • The History of Beauty
  • Sanitation and Safety
  • Law, Ethics, and Service
  • Anatomy and Chemistry
  • The Science of Hair Structure

In addition to the foundational knowledge that we expect our students to attain, we put a high focus on the skills themselves.

The Skills and Techniques We Help Our Student to Master Include:

  • Facials, massage, and waxing
  • Perming and relaxing of the hair
  • Haircutting and styling
  • Advanced hair coloring techniques
  • Manicuring and Shellac nails
  • Hair treatments and masques
  • Beard trimming and shaving technique
  • Makeup application

This condensed list gives you an idea of all the many skills you can learn in our program. We are dedicated to helping our students master their passion and build a career that will impact them for decades to come. That is why, in addition to including the training you need to master these skills, we also help you develop business management skills through lessons that will help you understand many of the skills that could help you find success.

Are you ready to embrace your love of beauty?

If a future career in beauty sounds like just the right opportunity for you, don’t wait! You can begin your application process today. Contact the admissions coordinator at The Salon Professional Academy, Cedar Falls today and discover just how many places an education in beauty can take you.

Ready to get started? Schedule your tour today!