Cosmetology: Much More Than Make-Up!

Defining Cosmetology

Most people have the wrong idea about cosmetology. Even the dictionary is wrong! The dictionary says that cosmetology is “the art or profession of applying cosmetics.” But that couldn’t be further from the truth! The reality is that cosmetology involves so many different skills that each individual artist can define what it means for them. 

Cosmetology involves much more than make-up application. For example, in addition to cosmetic application skills, students in cosmetology school can specialize in many different skill areas including:

  • Hair Care: Learn how to cut, color, style, and weave hair; care for and design wigs; massage and treat the scalp.
  • Nail Care: Learn how to conduct spa treatments on hands and feet; trim and shape nails; design and apply nail art.
  • Skin Care: In addition to make-up application, students learn everything from facials to hair removal (including electrolysis) to become masters of skin care, ensuring that each client gets personalized skin care treatments.

Cosmetology schools also teach students the business of running a salon, including safety and sanitation; so many beauty school graduates take their courses in cosmetology and build specialty businesses that focus on one or more aspects of cosmetology. Some graduates open salons specializing in hair only, while others may become make-up artists in the entertainment industry.

The field of cosmetology is only limited by your own imagination!

Experience the Redken Difference at TSPA Cedar Falls

If you’re a beauty enthusiast who’s considering enrolling in beauty school, you’ve probably heard about Redken. For over 50 years, this global brand has earned its reputation for excellence within the beauty industry. At The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Cedar Falls, our relationship with this world-renowned brand allows us to offer you, the student, a Redken-infused barber styling curriculum.

About Redken

Since it was founded in 1960 by Paula Kent, Redken has represented innovation, creativity, and trendsetting. Today, Redken’s extensive line of products is available in 43 countries across the globe. These salon-grade products are not just used by industry professionals, but students, educators, and consumers. From the revolutionary Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner, to the beloved All-In-One Multi-Benefit Treatment, Redken products are a go-to when it comes to creating hair that is healthy and strong, but also fashion-forward.

The Redken Curriculum

Redken was one of the first beauty brands to become available to beauty educators and students. As part of the TSPA franchise, we are excited to have access to this beauty curriculum. In our Redken-infused barber styling program, we are able to provide our students, staff, and educators with a variety of resources. These include:

  • Use of Redken’s product line
  • Participation in quarterly trainings from Redken stylists
  • Redken Color Fusion products and trainings
  • Access to Redken Education on Demand
  • Access to the Redken Symposium and Redken Exchange

At TSPA Cedar Falls, we want all of our graduates to leave school with the technical and practical skills they need to succeed in the beauty industry. Working with Redken, a brand that values innovation and one-on-one education, helps us provide students with the tools they need for their future. Redken’s curriculum focuses on hair color fundamentals, design principles, curl principles, thinning principles, and finishing principles. In addition to teaching this core beauty curriculum, we also focus heavily on the business side of the industry. Modern beauty professionals need to know a lot more than just how to make someone’s hair look pretty. They need to know how to use social media to market themselves, create a portfolio of work on Instagram, and build their clientele through networking.


On top of our relationship with Redken, we’re also lucky to be a part of the TSPA franchise. Being a part of this network allows us to offer support and create a better educational experience for our students. Even though we’re professional beauty educators, we’re still always learning! The trainings and resources available through TSPA help us continually learn the best ways to support, teach, and empower the students in our barber styling program.

Experience the Difference for Yourself!

See how a Redken/TSPA education could be beneficial to you. Schedule a tour of TSPA Cedar Falls today. This is a great way for you to get to know us and see what our school is like. Contact us today! We’d love to talk to you about our barber styling program.