Brighten Your Summer With a New Hair Color

Summer is almost here and at The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Cedar Falls we couldn’t be more excited! From warmer temperatures to planning trips outdoors, we love this time of year. We’re looking forward to all that summer has to offer, but we especially can’t wait for new beauty trends! Every change of season brings with it new trends to try out and a favorite one of ours is hair color. With the sun shining on your beautiful locks, summer is the perfect time to try a new hair tone! Read more to see which hair color you could be rocking this summer!

Shadow Roots

Shadow roots have been growing in popularity and they’re not slowing down anytime soon. Gone are the days you have to constantly be worrying about your natural shade creeping into your roots. Now you can embrace your natural hair color while also trying out new hair colors for this time of year. The best part about this look is that it works with whatever hair tone you want. Whether you want your roots to flow subtly into a caramel color or you want to make a dramatic shift into blonde, this style will look amazing!

woman with blonde hair and shadow roots

Pastel Pink

From clothes to nails, pastel colors have taken over the beauty industry. Hair color is no exception and we love seeing the different colors people use to dye their hair. Pastel pink is one popular example of this and with celebrities recently showing off this hair color, it’s sure to be a popular shade this summer! This light hair color will look amazing against the flowers that this time of year brings.

woman with light pink hair

Caramel Ribbons

If you’re a brunette and not looking to dramatically lighten your hair for summer, then caramel ribbons could be a great option. This balayage style allows you to keep your beautiful dark hair color, while also giving your hair something extra for the warmer season. With the lighter tones in your hair, this will be a great way for the sun to show off your new shade!

woman with light blonde highlights

Golden Blonde Highlights

Looking to get in a summertime mood? Lightening your hair is a great way to add some warmth to your hair color. Golden blonde highlights can help give dirty blondes some extra dimension and for brunettes, the color contrast will help you get a hairstyle that makes a statement. Whatever your natural hair color is, the golden blond highlights will look amazing with the summertime sun shining on it!

woman with golden highlights

Chocolate Brown

Who says that you need to dye your hair lighter for the summer? Embracing your rich, brunette hair is becoming more and more popular and we love seeing people go darker for the summer months. Adding in some subtle highlights to your dark hair will help give your hair dimension and will change up your regular style for the warmer months ahead!

woman with dark brown hair

Want to Learn How to Color Hair?

Are you interested in learning how you can provide hair coloring services for people? At TSPA Cedar Falls, our barber styling program teaches students how to apply hair color along with a variety of other beauty techniques. With summer just around the corner, now is a great time for you to get started! Contact us to get more information and find out how you can begin the application process.